Roscoe LG-3005 Fretless 5 string Bass

Here is a fantastic sounding and playing used fretless 5 string bass. This one is a U.S. handbuilt Roscoe LG-3005 fretless model that was built by the master craftsman Keith Roscoe. The bass features a highly resonant Mahogany body with a Quilted Maple top, Transparent Black high gloss finish and optional Black/Gold hardware. The sleek 35" scale bolt-on Maple/Spalted Purpleheart neck has a 2 octave Diamondwood fretless fingerboard with side dot position markers and great growl. The pickups are the passive Bartolini "soapbar" type and they are run through an 18 volt Bartolini 3-band active eq. system with a push/pull midrange contour switch. The bass has a "P-bass" kind of punch and warmth with great clarity. This bass is in excellent condition, comes with a Roscoe deluxe lightweight travel case and is on sale for only


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